Welcome to the Faculty of Management, University of Lodz!


We invite you to discover more about our institution by exploring this site, or by visiting the Faculty of Management in person.

With over 23 university status schools, 30 R&D institutes and centres and 127,000 students currently studying at the university level, Lodz is an academic city of excellence. Our faculty has over 5000 students and it is our sincere hope to open our doors to more international students. These are both exciting and challenging times for the global community as we become more and more interdependent. Here at the Faculty of Management we embrace new challenges and new opportunities and we look forward to seeing more students from different backgrounds and cultures that will help to enrich the cultural climate of both the university and the city of Lodz.

From our inception on the 1st of September, 1994 every member of our community has been committed to the pursuit of excellence in teaching and research. It’s our strongly held belief that education has a transformative capacity and our role as a university is to equip and train the next generation of students with the requisite mindsets and skills essential for success in a changing world.

We are confident about the future as we seek to produce outstanding graduates that are sought after and make a vital contribution to human and social development.


Prof. Tomasz Czapla

Dean, Faculty of Management, University of Lodz