Business Management



Choose the BA in Business Management – a study programme taught in English – and give a jump start to your professional career. The studies will provide you with knowledge in the area of management: finance, accounting, economics, marketing and law. At the same time you will continuously improve your English language skills. Team assignments and projects will provide you with skills such as ability to communicate and work in a team which are highly valued on the labour market. Such combination of knowledge, skills and competencies will ensure that you will be capable of performing in any business organization which operates in an international environment. These studies will also help you to better cope with running your own business and developing it internationally.

Strenghts of the study programme

Language: English
All courses in the Business Management programme are conducted entirely in English, using up-to-date textbooks and teaching materials in the field of business education offered by leading publishers. As a result, students achieve high levels of proficiency in specialized English.
Classes with practitioners and lecturers from foreign universities
The curriculum includes courses taught by visiting professors from foreign universities as well as practitioners who hold managerial positions in business corporations.

Selected courses

Professional Skills Development
Accounting and Finance
Introduction to Law
Market and Marketing
Organization Competencies and Capabilities
Organizational Culture
Management Toolbox


Employment Possibilities

Graduates of this study programme may be employed in professionally managed business organisations. They will be ready to work in multi-cultural, multi-national and global companies which have well-developed management infrastructure and a multitude of various interests (stakes). This does not exclude the possibility of working for small of family businesses.
Graduating from the Business Management study programme, together with several years of experience on the post of a specialist-assistant to a manager, may be sufficient foundation for applying for executive posts of for launching a new business.





STUDIA STACJONARNE I STOPNIA (3-letnie licencjackie)


Orientacyjny limit miejsc - 35 (min. 35)


  • od kandydatów wymagana jest znajomość języka angielskiego na poziomie zaawansowanym
  • koszt studiów: 3 000 zł rocznie (studia płatne z uwagi na fakt, iż językiem wykładowym jest język obcy)


Zasady rekrutacji:

• Jeden przedmiot do wyboru spośród: język obcy nowożytny
• Jeden przedmiot do wyboru spośród: biologia, fizyka, historia, matematyka
• Dwa przedmioty do wyboru spośród: matematyka, geografia, historia, WOS, informatyka, fizyka, biologia, chemia


Charakterystyka kierunku [.pdf]

Plan studiów [.pdf]


Skład Rady Programowej kierunku

Kierownik kierunku: dr Jerzy Czarnecki
Koordynator kierunku: dr Maciej Turała
Członkowie Rady Programowej: prof. nadzw. dr hab Tomasz Czapla, dr Wojciech Ulrych, Katarzyna Kowalska (praktyk), Grzegorz Siewiera (praktyk)