Management and Finance



If you communicate in English, care about the development of your language competence, and equally you want to acquire specific knowledge on management, finance and accounting, the Management and Finance program is just for you.

The study program includes courses such as: business management and financial and management accounting, finance, the financial management of enterprises, as well as modern IT tools to support effective management.


Strenghts of the study programme

English as the language of the courses

The courses are conducted completely in English so that students achieve a very high level of English proficiency, both in free communication and in business. The students of the Management and Finance program gain a competitive advantage over students of study programs conducted in Polish.

Academic staff
The lecturers are people who cooperate with many companies and training institutions, and they are often managers, consultants and advisers. They employ their acquired professional experienceduring their courses with students, introducing real examples of problematic situations to solve

Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA)
On Tuesday, June 5, the Faculty of Management of the University of Lodz, the officially signed contract with the Chartered Institute of Management Accounting CIMA. The parties confirmed their cooperation by combining their knowledge and resources aimed at offer students the opportunity to acquire a vocational qualification preparing students of the Faculty of Management at the University of Lodz to start a professional career in management accounting.

The CIMA program at WZ UŁ enables students of Management and Finance to obtain Certificate in Business Accounting, obtain exemptions from CIMA exams and confirm knowledge during examinations taking place outside the University in standardized Pearson Vue Exam Centers. Read more...


Selected courses


Understanding Business
Introduction to Management
Fundamentals of Accounting/Financial Accounting
Change & Innovation Management
Corporate Finance
Market and Marketing
Corporate Governance
SAP System for Finance & Management
Public Relations
Cost Accounting
Management Accounting
International Financial Reporting


Employment opportunities

Graduates of the study program are prepared to work as specialists in the private sectors of the economy and state administration, particularly in business entities associated with foreign capital.

Careers that await graduates of this study program are: Consulting Specialist, Management & Organization Specialist, Accountant, Accounting Assistant, Finance Specialist, Financial Analyst, Controlling / Management Accounting Specialist.





STUDIA STACJONARNE I STOPNIA (3-letnie licencjackie)


Orientacyjny limit miejsc - 35 (min. 20)


  • od kandydatów wymagana jest znajomość języka angielskiego na poziomie zaawansowanym
  • koszt studiów: 3 000 zł rocznie (studia płatne z uwagi na fakt, iż językiem wykładowym jest język obcy)


Zasady rekrutacji:

• Jeden przedmiot do wyboru spośród: język obcy nowożytny

• Jeden przedmiot do wyboru spośród: matematyka, geografia, historia, WOS, informatyka

• Dwa przedmioty do wyboru spośród: matematyka, geografia, historia, WOS, informatyka, fizyka, biologia, chemia

Sylwetka absolwenta studiów I stopnia [.pdf]

Plan studiów [.pdf]


Minimum kadrowe dla kierunku Management and Finance

  • prof. nadzw. dr hab. Tomasz Wnuk-Pel: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr hab. Przemysław Kabalski: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr hab. Edyta Gwarda-Gruszczyńska: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Ryszard Kurzyjamski: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Joanna Michalak: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Ilona Świątek-Barylska: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Maciej Turała: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Halina Waniak-Michalak: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Magdalena Zalewska-Turzyńska: nauki ekonomiczne
  • dr Ewelina Zarzycka: nauki ekonomiczne


Skład Rady Programowej kierunku

Kierownik kierunku: dr hab. Przemysław Kabalski, prof. UŁ
Koordynator kierunku: mgr Joanna Szwajcar
Członkowie Rady Programowej: dr hab. Tomasz Wnuk-Pel, prof. UŁ, dr Joanna Michalak