Faculty Structure

At the moment the Faculty is composed of nine Departments:
The Faculty of Management is also home to two other units: the Centre for International Studies on Accounting and the Polish-American Management Centre.


Department of Accounting

Head: Prof. Ewa Walińska, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Harmonisation of Polish accounting norms and principles with EU directives and International Accounting Standards. This area of research requires international co-operation. The Department of Accounting works with partners from the University of Parma, Italy on a project entitled: "The development tendencies of national legal frameworks for accounting, auditing and income tax". The Department also co-operates with the University of North Texas, Denton (USA), with regards to the comparison of accounting regulations in Poland and USA.
  • Comparative analysis of modelling as well as design work on systems of management accounting and controlling. Scientific research within this topic is carried out by the Department together with the Kaunas University of Technology (Lithuania).
  • International comparative studies on accounting regulation in the public sector and their implications for Poland.
  • Auditing and internal control in an enterprise with regards to the development of computer-based technologies.
Phone: 42 635  62 54
Fax: 42 635 53 10
e-mail: wzrach@uni.lodz.pl

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Department of Finance and Strategic Management

Head: Prof. Jerzy Rózański, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Systems of company and corporate management with emphasis put especially on corporate governance in different legal frameworks and organisation of supervisory work over the executive staff.
  • Strategic management as an element of restructuring processes of Polish enterprises, creating a strategic orientation for activities of Polish enterprises, with regards to the globalisation processes concerning economic activity - international comparative research on strategic planning processes in large enterprises in USA, Germany and Poland (in cooperation with the Department of Strategic Planning and Controlling at the University of Giessen, Germany).
  • Corporate mergers and acquisitions as strategic decisions - including a methodology of merger and acquisition processes as well as methods of assessing the value of merging enterprises.
  • Investment strategies of Polish enterprises during the period of system transformation - methodological aspects of the account of real investment effectiveness as well as a problem of investing during the quickened restructuring. Investments and finance of a trans-national corporation.
  • Managing a family business in Poland with regards to American and Western European experiences.
Phone: 42 635 52 25
Fax: 42 635 53 05
e-mail: katzprz@uni.lodz.pl


Department of City and Regional Management

Head: Prof. Tadeusz Markowski, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
  • Developing theories related to managing the development of cities and regions. The Department specialises in an integrated approach to these issues.
  • Explaining the laws governing the development of cities and regions, considering their influence on economic globalisation process.
  • Research on new methods and techniques of organisation in the commercial sector, which could be applied to local administration.
  • Various aspects of governing with regards to an influence that the political systems have on managing local and regional development. The European context of regional development has been constantly researched since 1996.
  • Sustainable development - a prevention-based environment protection policy.
  • Social and ecological responsibilities of business.
  • Managing social capital.
Phone: 42 635 51 98
Fax: 42 665 56 31
e-mail: zerm@uni.lodz.pl


Department of Computer Science

Head: Anna Pamuła, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
  • Applying artificial intelligence systems (expert systems, artificial neural networks, hybrid systems and evolutionary algorithms) in management support - emphasis is placed mainly on audit and forecasting.
  • Information systems in management.
  • Computer networks.
  • Advanced databases and integrating them with the graphical environment.
Phone: 42 635 50 49
Fax: 42 635 50 17
e-mail: katinful@uni.lodz.pl


Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy

Head: Prof. Edward Stawasz, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Entrepreneurship and SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) policy

• friendly environment for SME development,
• national and international initiatives for SME development,
• assessment of SME and entrepreneurship policies,
• entrepreneurship in marginalised regions.

  • SME demographics

• conditions of SME development,
• growth and survival of SMEs, including determinants of success and failure.

  • Innovation and technology commercialization

• financing innovative undertakings in SMEs,
• transfer of knowledge from science to industry,
• academic spin-offs.

  • Regions of knowledge

• regional innovation strategies,
• regional and sectoral innovation systems, clusters.

  • Management of regional development.

• governance,
• regional foresight,
• regional benchmarking,
• monitoring and evaluation of regional innovation policies.

  • European integration

• theory of integration,
• economic consequences of integration.

  • SME internationalization

• theory of internationalization,
• internationalization and globalization of SMEs,
• cross-border and international cooperation.

Phone: 42 635 51 96
Fax: 42 635 51 92
e-mail: zppp@uni.lodz.pl
Additional information: Publications in English 2000-2014


Department of Human Resources Management

Head: Prof. Joanna Cewińska, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Personnel management in Polish economic reality.
  • Strategy of economic organisation with regards to the strategy of personal management.
  • Employee selection processes.
  • Economic and non-economic motivation factors: wages, employee evaluation, training and employee development.
  • Women in executive roles - Polish realities with regards to EU requirements of active participation of women in economic life.
Phone: 42 635 53 99
Fax: 42 635 53 79


Department of Management

Head: Prof. Tomasz Czapla, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Organisational behaviour:
• organisational prerequisites for behaviour (environment and organisational structure)
• types of behaviour (with regards to: organisational authority, organisational changes, team functioning, social interactions),
• outcomes of behaviour (types of organisational culture).
  • Managing change:
• methods and techniques of management and organisation,
• methodology of systemic change,
• methodological aspects of international cooperation between enterprises.
  • Human resource management:
• staff policy,
• quality of life at work,
• managerial staff in the process of change.
  • Managing operations and using modern computer-based techniques for managing and organising work processes.
  • Strategic management.
Phone: 42 635 62 79
Fax: 42 665 56 32


Department of Marketing

Head: Prof. Bogdan Gregor, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:

  • Adaptation processes of economic units during the transformation of Polish economy - the research is supposed to identify the adaptation capacity of enterprises to the new conditions of operation and to the competitiveness level of enterprises with regards to the globalisation of the economy.
  • Marketing and consumer in a global information-based society - the research is supposed to point out the consequences of the globalisation process and the technological boom for consumers and marketing.
  • Marketing in selected markets - the research is supposed to evaluate marketing activities (mainly marketing strategies) and to identify the factors, which are advantageous or disadvantageous for the development of a marketing function in an enterprise operating mainly on international markets of financial services.
  • Information as a basis for marketing - the research concentrates on: identifying the role of information in making marketing-related decisions, integrated marketing information systems, marketing research as a prerequisite of decision-making in an enterprise.
  • Trade and distribution in modern economy - the research concentrates mainly on new forms of trade and distribution as well as on using electronic systems in trade and marketing.
Phone: 42 635 52 05
e-mail: katmarkt@uni.lodz.pl


Department of Logistics

Head: Prof. Maciej Urbaniak, Ph.D.

Main fields of research:
  • Business Excellence.
  • Six SIGMA.
  • Continuous improvement of organisations.
  • Communication in quality management system.
  • Integrated management system (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Food Safety, Information Safety).
  • Also includes “Chair of Operational Processes Excellence” and “Chair of Supply Chain Management”.
Phone: 42 635 62 84
Fax: 42 635 52 98
e-mail: logistykawz@uni.lodz.pl


Centre for International Studies on Accounting


The Centre acts as a research and educational institution. It is also a source of information for persons and institutions dealing with International accounting (mainly the Polish Committee of Accounting Standards) and auditing. The Centre organises scientific conferences and seminars.

Phone: 42 635 52 24
Fax: 42 635 53 10

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Polish-American Management Centre



Executive Director: Robert Kozielski, Ph.D., Associate Professor 

Polish-American Management Center was established in 1995 through a cooperative partnership between the Management Faculty of the University of Lodz and Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland (USA).
The activity of the PAM Center:

  • Polish American MBA Program - two-year professional MBA Study in cooperation with Minot State University (North Dakota, USA),
  • Short Term Training Programs for Managers: Mini MBA ®
  • Customized Company Specific Training Program (adapted to the company's needs),
  • seminars, conferences, events. 


Phone: 42 635 49 58; 42 635 49 57
Fax: 42 635 49 59

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