What is it?

USOS – University System of Study is a comprehensive software supporting service process of studies. The system contains all the information about subjects offered by the University, the classes conducted, study programmes, storage of staff and students data, assessments and credits, lecture and class timetables, students’ payments, staff and other information.

USOSweb service will enable you to access some information through the website:


How does USOSweb service serve students?

Each student is required to participate in the faculty organised subject enrollment, specialities, speciality blocks, seminars through / via the USOSweb, ie REGISTRATIONS. Each student is obliged to track information especially concerning deadlines and class registration rules.

By using the service each University of Lodz can also:

  • see their class enrollment in a given term as well as the names and titles of the teachers
  • check received assessments and credits
  • obtain information about the subjects run / offered / held by the university
  • participate in teacher assessment survey at the end of each semester
  • gain other information about the course of studies, for instance which subjects are
  • required to complete the appropriate stage of the study programme, or what is the required amount of ECTS credits
  • obtain information about necessary financial payments for the university, the bank account number to which you make a deposit


How and when to use the USOSweb?

All Internet users have access to general information concerning the USOSweb: Only registered logged in users have access to detailed personal information and software, each can see only their data on the site. USOSweb information is updated three times a day. To be able to log in to the USOSweb and have access to more information an identifier – person identity number ( Polish pesel ) and obtained password in the dean’s office should be used.

Warning! The password is to be used only once and should be changed when you first log in to the site. If someone forgets or loses their password, they should use a “reminder” on the USOSweb site or go to the appropriate dean’s office in order to generate and receive a new password.

Registrations for classes and class evaluation surveys take place only within a specified time and registration dates are made available to the general public. Students must strictly observe these terms because if they are overdue the class registration or assessment will no longer be possible. For more information about current registration or assessment surveys of teachers please visit the USOSweb at: Department of Management, the Department’s website or look at the bulletin board opposite room 17. To get / receive access to all the information on current registration for the students of our faculty and the teacher assessment surveys click on “Department of Management” on the USOSweb home page.


Why is it worth it to log in to the USOSweb?

You decide yourself on a selection of speciality courses, specialisation blocks, other subject courses or seminars time participating in organized registrations for classes. Lack of participation in the registration leads to the administrative enrollment to a course !
By logging in, you have greater access to information related to the course of studies and the Academy
You get the possibility of the earlier verification of the classes, assessment and credit system registered in the system
Taking part in the survey assessment activities you contribute to the improvement of teaching


Important information


There are two types of registration: regular and token.

Regular Registration enables subject enrollment and in the further stage class groups. The registration is possible after logging in and is available from the USOSweb home page, REGISTRATION menu, then ITEMS in the REGISTRATION. Enrolling to the subject you add it to your shopping cart. Registration may be accepted or rejected by the administrator of the records. In case of rejection, follow the instructions for registration.

Token Registration is available at: The link to it is placed on the USOSweb home page. Each student entitled to the records receives a certain number of tokens / chips, which they “pay” for classes, which they want to register to. Students can enroll until the limits have been exhausted.

As for the Internet registration, class enrollments must be only carried out through the USOSweb. Enrollments in the departments or with the teachers conducting classes will not honoured.

Class registrations should be made only on the fixed dates. Both registrations can take place in several stages, it is very important that you follow the instructions on the USOSweb website.

Teacher assessment surveys

Teacher assessment surveys can be carried out at the end of each semester. This applies to the classes that took place in a given semester. The system ensures that the student is able to assess only those classes which they participated in and that the asssessment is completely anonymous!

The information concerning the dates when the assessment of classes can be carried out will be available to the general public through the USOSweb site, the department website and on the bulletin / notice board ( near the dean’s office ).