Faculty Structure

The Faculty of Management is composed of ten Departments:

Department of Accounting

Head: Professor Ewa Walińska, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Accounting systems of economic entities – structures, conditions, changes
2. Financial and non-financial reporting 
3. Management accounting in the context of sustainable development
4. Behavioural aspects of accounting
5. History of accounting theory and practice
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Department of City and Regional Management

Head: Associate Professor Maciej Turała, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Management in the public sector:
  • externalities and public goods
  • public choice theory
  • public policies
  • New Public Management
  • multi-level governance
  • public-private partnerships
  • managing public value
  • management in public sector organisations
  • management in local governments
  • management in non-governmental organisations
  • management in culture and sport
2. City management:
  • land management
  • urban regeneration
  • digital urban transformation and smart cities and regions
  • inclusive cities
  • cultural heritage and urban identity
  • urban logistics
  • urban project management
  • NGOs in managing city development
  • management in urban (metropolitan) functional areas
3. Spatial planning:
  • theory and practice of spatial planning
  • urban planning and strategic planning in local governments
  • environmental aspects of spatial planning and urban planning
4. Territorial dimension of development processes:
  • sustainable development
  • territorial capital
  • local and regional development
  • local and regional development policy
  • integrated planning and management for development
  • integrated development projects, integrated territorial projects
  • territorial marketing
  • regional and national innovation systems
  • environmental policy and planning in local governments
  • social economy, social entrepreneurship
  • activating local communities
  • social capital management
5. Social and environmental responsibility of organisations:
  • social and environmental aspects of management in various sectors
  • social and environmental aspects of formalised integrated management systems
  • clean production, low-emission economy, circular economy, environmental management systems
  • ethics in management of private , public and non-governmental organisations
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Department of Computer Science

Head: Associate Professor Anna Pamuła, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. IT tools for the information society and sustainable development:
  • identification of digital transformation processes in intelligent and sustainable organisations as well as public administration units
  • analysis of development pathways of Smart Grid related to the Smart idea: Smart Home, Smart Building and Smart City based on new IT: cloud computing, Internet of Things, Big Data
  • project management methodologies to support the Sustainable Development Strategy (PRISM) applied in innovative ICT projects
2. IT services and Information technologies development and usage in knowledge-based organizations:  
  • the impact of IT usage on organisations and  the digital transformation of business
  • the impact of cloud computing on the ICT applied solutions in Polish companies
  • identification and verification of data management systems deployment in business
  • identification and verification of data security standards in the development and proliferation of IoT
  • analysis of data and information security standards and development directions
  • analysis of technological and social threats connected to Big Data technology applied solutions
  • identification and assessment of VR and AR technologies potential usage in organisations
  • analysis of modern technology (VR, AR) and cloud computing impact on organisations’ data architecture

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Department of Corporate Finance Management

Head: Associate Professor Jakub Marszałek, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Practical aspects of capital structure management, with particular emphasis on the evaluation of development projects and the ability to continue the company's operations
2. Management of enterprise financing processes, including the use of non-standard financial instruments and alternative financing models
3. Investment and financial strategies of enterprises in the conditions of internationalisation of their activities
4. Management of innovative enterprise and financing the innovation process
5. Analysis of specific types of enterprises - family businesses, farms - in terms of the financial management process and innovative activity

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Department of Entrepreneurship and Industrial Policy

Head: Associate Professor Renata Lisowska, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises management:
  • entrepreneurial process and entrepreneurial opportunity recognition – creation and growth of new companies
  • social entrepreneurship
  • digital entrepreneurship
  • entrepreneurship in creative industries
  • business advice for SMEs
2. Innovation management and technology commercialisation:
  • financing of innovative projects in SMEs
  • knowledge transfer from academia to economy
  • academic spin-off companies
3. SME demographics:
  • conditions of SME development
  • growth and survival of SMEs, including determinants of success and failure
4. Knowledge-based regions and policies to support entrepreneurship and the development of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):
  • innovation policy
  • regional innovation strategies
  • regional and sectoral innovation systems, clusters
  • entrepreneurship education

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Department of Human Resources Management

Head: Associate Professor Joanna Cewińska, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Directions of HRM development: 
  • employer brand
  • diversity at workplace
  • lifestyle as the criterion for managerial decision making
  • determinants of corporate wellness development
  • green HRM practices in organisations
2. Capital approach to HRM:
  • factors, changes, and measurement of sickness absenteeism
  • performance management practices in services
  • 'lean' requirements
  • internal audit effectiveness
3. Implementation of the HRM function in various organisations:
  • recruitment and selection of artists
  • adaptation of students
  • academic teachers’ attitudes towards employee performance appraisal
  • de-recruitment
4. Psychological aspects of HRM: 
  • stress 
  • employee burnout

Department of Logistics

Head: Professor Maciej Urbaniak, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. The role of process improvement tools in building relationships in the supply chain
2. Application of modern ICT technologies in logistic processes

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Department of Management

Head: Associate Professor Tomasz Czapla, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Development of theories, methods and techniques of management:
  • methods and techniques of organisation and management
  • improvement of business models for the operation of enterprises
  • organisation design and improvement
  • knowledge management:
- processes of commercialisation of knowledge and innovative solutions, mechanisms of technology transfer
- functioning of the organisation in the knowledge-based economy
  • change management:
- methodology of systemic changes
- methodological aspects of enterprise cooperation on an international scale, internationalisation and globalisation of enterprises
- managing the organisation in conditions of uncertainty
2. Socio-cultural determinants of people's behaviour in the organisation:
  • organisational determinants of behaviour (organisation environment, organisational structure)
  • determinants of individual behaviour against the background of:
- organisational authority
- organisational changes
- teams functioning
- social communication
  • results of organisational behaviour
  • functioning of the organisational culture
  • quality of life in the organisation

Department of Marketing

Head: Professor Wojciech Grzegorczyk, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Marketing strategies in building customer value and organisational competitiveness:
  • tools of creating value for internal and external customers
  • building competitive position of the organisation
2. Market and marketing research in the management of a modern enterprise:
  • role of marketing research in modern enterprises
  • use of integrated marketing information systems in making managerial decisions
3. Modern marketing communication – potential, effectiveness and efficiency of individual tools, channels and methods of integrated marketing communication
4. E-marketing and e-commerce:
  • use of e-marketing tools
  • e-consumer behaviour in the era of trade virtualisation
5. International marketing:
  • process of expansion of companies into foreign markets
  • marketing strategies used for international expansion of companies 

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Department of Strategy and Value-Based Management

Head: Professor Grzegorz Urbanek, Ph.D.
Main fields of research:
1. Development of theoretical and methodological foundations of strategic management in connection with the economic theories of the company
2. Modern corporate governance as an element of the international competitiveness of the Polish economy
3. Exo- and endogenous determinants of the development of Polish family businesses and methods of increasing their international competitiveness
4. Value-based management:
  • performance analysis
  • evidence-based management
  • role of intellectual capital and intangible assets in value creation
  • value creation mechanisms in business models
5. Company valuation: 
  • standard valuation models
  • valuation of intangible assets
  • valuation of brands
  • real options in the company's valuation

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